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Big Airlines Keep Raking in Fees Yet Still Can’t Manage Their Own Systems
December 6, 2017
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  • Big Airlines Keep Raking in Fees Yet Still Can’t Manage Their Own Systems
    Aviation & Passenger Advocates Renew Opposition to Big Airline Led Air Traffic Control Takeover Push

    Washington, D.C. –  In the latest in an endless litany of high-profile debacles, the big airlines experienced yet another high profile “glitch” last week allowing all American Airlines pilots to be able take vacation days in the last two weeks of December even if there wasn’t another pilot available to operate the flight, resulting last week in thousands of flights which were unassigned to a pilot or co-pilot ahead of the crucial holiday travel period.

    This embarrassing mishap comes on the heels of news that the airlines are raking in $82 billion in fees from passengers this year. The airlines continue to put profits ahead of passengers and still can’t seem to manage their own customer service, operations or technological systems – yet astonishingly, these same highly concentrated airlines continue to ask Congress and the public to trust them to run our air traffic control system.

    The Airlines Can Scarcely Get Through a Week Without a Major Customer Service Incident or Technological Glitch:

    The Big Airlines Are Making Record Profits and Have Collected $82 Billion in Fees from Passengers:

    In light of the big airlines’ ongoing serious operational and customer service failures, Congress should strongly reject the big airlines’ air traffic control power grab and instead enact policies that strengthen passenger protections and open access.

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