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ICYMI: American Prospect Article Highlights the Big Airlines’ Record of Collusive and Anticompetitive Behavior
October 19, 2017
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  • Washington, DC – In case you missed it, a recent article in the fall issue of The American Prospect highlights that since the airlines have become more consolidated, they have increasingly colluded and acted anticompetitively, leaving consumers and communities with higher fares, more fees, less seat space, fewer choices, less competition, and even fewer routes to smaller towns.  The airlines have even admitted that they don’t try to fix delays because it doesn’t help their bottom line.  It’s time to say no to the airlines’ increasingly anticompetitive behavior and power grab over air traffic control.

    The Airlines “Claim” Airfares Are Down, But Consumers Pay More from Endless Fees

    The Airlines Blatantly Admit They Don’t Try to Alleviate Delays Because it Doesn’t Help their Bottom Line

    Airlines Have Pulled Out of Small Cities, Devastating Communities.

    The Big Four Airlines Are Not Only Acting Anticompetitively, They Actively Colluding and Running the Industry Like a Cartel