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ATC Privatization in the UK Has Resulted in a “Total Meltdown”
August 23, 2017
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  • Proponents of air traffic control privatization have long claimed that the US should follow the lead of the UK and other countries in terms of privatization, lauding the so-called benefits that privatization in those countries. The truth? After moving to a privatized air traffic control privatization, the UK has been plagued by increasing delays, widespread technical glitches, mass-strandings, and resulting in calls for modernization and a potential government bailout.

    The UK’s Air Traffic Control System is In “Meltdown” and Getting Worse

    Parts of UK Air Traffic Control System Have Even Been Taken Over By the German Government

    The Privatized UK System Now Needs Modernization and a Bailout from the UK Government

    Air traffic control privatization in the UK has made the system less financially stable

    The Example of the UK is Exactly Why We Should Not Privatize – Less Stability, More Delays and Taxpayers Are on the Hook When it Fails