Michael Egenton New York Daily News
Taking Flight
March 29, 2024
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  • Trenton, N.J.: President Biden’s singling out business aviation in the State of the Union address and White House budget unfortunately paints an important productivity-enhancing tool negatively with a broad brush. Companies use small aircraft because they offer clear functional advantages, helping to transport tools, personnel and supplies, travel to otherwise inaccessible locations, quickly alter travel plans, facilitate team collaboration during travel and maximize operations. Business aircraft support virtually every industry and sector in our country, including agriculture, construction and food production. General aviation supports $247 billion in economic impact nationally; 57% of business aviation serves small companies with 500 or fewer employees. Companies utilizing business aviation outperform their counterparts in asset efficiency, shareholder value and overall growth. Analyses span various company sizes, ownership structures and global presence, but reach similar conclusions. Unfortunately, the targeting of business aviation by the White House plays off of lazy stereotypes. Michael Egenton, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce