Johnston Regional Airport A Major Driver Of Economic Activity
March 15, 2024
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  • Johnston Regional Airport (JNX) continues to be a major driver of economic activity in Johnston County and is now being recognized as the busiest general aviation airport in North Carolina.

    “In 2023 Johnston Regional Airport (JNX) was recognized as the #1 busiest airport for general aviation operations. Additionally, we were recognized as the 4th busiest airport overall, behind Charlotte-CLT, Raleigh-RDU, and Greensboro-GSO. This is an extraordinary accomplishment for a non-towered airport, and a direct reflection of the dynamic growth and demand we continue to see here in Johnston County,” said Phil Lanier, Executive Director at Johnston Regional Airport.

    Reporting from 1200 Aero and NCDOT data shows record setting operations at Johnston Regional Airport (JNX). In 2023, Johnston Regional Airport (JNX) surpassed all other general aviation airports in North Carolina to become the busiest general aviation airport. For the past year, daily operations (landings and take-offs) are consistently high throughout the day at JNX, sometimes exceeding 500 operations in a single day. The airport serves as an operational base for Duke Life Flight which conducts a significant number of life-saving medevac helicopter operations throughout the state.

    In 2023 Johnston Regional Airport (JNX) saw record setting numbers with the following:

    101,918 operations

    44,854 takeoffs

    41,735 landings

    In 2023 Johnston Regional Airport was noted for their $210M economic impact to the local economy that supports 1,100 jobs according to the NC Department of Transportation’s Division of Aviation 2023 State of Aviation report. A latest report from 1200 Aero validates that growth as Johnston Regional Airport is now being recognized as #1 in general aviation operations.

    “It’s not surprising to learn we are ranked #1 in North Carolina. The level of activity at JNX on any given day far surpasses any other airport I frequent in North Carolina, either in my personal flying or in my corporate activities.” said Dan Moore, President of the JNX Pilots and Tenants Association.

    Recently the Johnston County Airport Authority requested that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) perform a benefit-cost analysis (BCA) for a control tower that was previously considered and planned for in the Airport’s Master Plan and Airport Layout Plan.

    “Johnston County has been working closely with the FAA and the NCDOT Division of Aviation to assess the need for an Air Traffic Control Tower at JNX. Recently Parrish and Partners assisted JNX with an FAA administered Benefit Cost Analysis which resulted in JNX qualifying for a Federal Contract Tower as a result of current operations,” said Tim Gruebel, Parrish & Partners.

    Johnston Regional Airport is coordinating with the NCDOT Division of Aviation to determine the next steps moving forward to include funding, siting, and constructing the facility.

    “Johnston Regional Airport continues to be a driver of economic activity in Johnston County. As the busiest general aviation airport in the State, we recognize the importance of managed growth and will continue to enhance our infrastructure to meet that demand. As we plan for the future of JNX, we also need to ensure we are the most accessible and safest general aviation airport in North Carolina,” said Ken Starling, Chairman of the Johnston County Airport Authority.