Lauren Miller WBOC
Cambridge-Dorchester Regional Airport Looking To Expand
November 13, 2023
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  • The Cambridge-Dorchester Regional Airport is inviting proposals for the development, construction, and management of Aircraft Hangars.

    The Cambridge-Dorchester Regional Airport is hoping to put in 10 new airplane hangars on their property. It would be 5 T-hangars and 5 box hangars. And when they’re built, they would line up in a row with the other hangars.

    To paint a picture, T-hangars are shaped like a ‘T’ on the inside. They are essentially individual cubbies for 1 plane. While box hangars can hold several planes in one area.

    But right now, Airport Director Steve Newer says they do not have the space for anymore planes.

    “A lot of these people fly. Not necessarily for a living. Sometimes they do use their aircraft for business use but they need a place to keep their aircraft. And we have the space but we don’t have the indoor space to keep them out of the weather. In this environment its very, very harsh on air crafts and related equipment,” says Newer.

    According to Pilot Chuck Midyett, getting a spot inside is in high demand.

    Midyett says, “I put my name on the wait list before I even moved here and I think I was on the list for probably 6 months or more before I moved . Then it was another year before I even got here that I had to wait for a hangar to be available.”

    The airport says its waitlist is about 34 people. Newer says, “Well right now we have a waiting list that exceeds 30 and those are people waiting for a hangar today. If we had hangar space available then they would move in literally today. We’d be able to increase our tendency that way. And most airports in these Mid-Atlantic regions, they all carry a waiting list

    Interested companies and organizations would need to apply by Dec. 21. with their interest in this project. The airport would lease the property to the applicant and that company would need to develop, construct, and manage the hangars.

    Nuwer says they’ve estimated the hangars to be roughly 1.75 million dollars but that’s including permits and land prep.