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Choctaw Nation, NATA To Build AAM Ecosystem in Oklahoma 
October 2, 2023
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  • The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) is joining forces with the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) to develop prospects for advanced air mobility in the state. The groups signed a memorandum of understanding on September 28 under which they will collaborate to develop the ecosystem to support the introduction of new eVTOL aircraft and other new services. 

    The partnership is aimed at supporting new means for transporting both people and cargo, with an emphasis on providing connections to underserved communities. James Grimsley, the CNO’s executive director for advanced technology initiatives, will address NATA’s Aviation Business Conference in November to outline the benefits of both crewed and uncrewed aircraft for boosting local and national economies. 

    “The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma looks forward to the many positive societal benefits that will be available as a result of emerging aviation technologies,” Grimsley commented. “The relationship with NATA further illustrates CNO’s commitment to being a leader in this exciting growth area.” 

    The Choctaw Nation has more than 200,000 tribal members and was the first Native American Tribal Government to receive a Public Aircraft Operations Certificate of Authorization from the FAA. It is home to one of eight of the FAA’s UAS Beyond sites selected by the Department of Transportation for the development of uncrewed aircraft operations.