Derek Parham WBKO
“Flight into the Past” offered at Bowling Green-Warren Co. Regional Airport
April 20, 2023
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  • Bowling Green-Warren County Regional Airport is offering a luxury flight from the past, featuring a Ford tri-motor airplane from 1928.

    The airliner was the first commercial flight available to the public, though pilot, Ed Kornfield, says that flight in the 1920′s was far from convenient.

    “Coast to coast in 48 hours, and there wasn’t just one airplane. You left New York in a train, then got in an airplane in Ohio, then took another train, then another airplane and you got to the Los Angeles area in about 48 hours,” said Kornfield.

    Flight in the 20s was daunting for many people, leading passenger airlines to model their interiors to match that of the familiar train cars.

    Kornfield said, “Air travel was brand new, people were not comfortable, it was new to them, and they didn’t know what the safety level was.”

    Tri-motor flights in Bowling Green will run Friday through Sunday this week, taking passengers for a 15 to 20-minute flight around Bowling Green, reaching altitudes of 1,100 feet.

    Tickets are offered to EAA members at $85, nonmembers for $95, and children under 17 years old, for $65. Those interested can purchase tickets at the airport on the day of their flight, or online beforehand on EAA’s website.