Rosalyn Freeman WCBI
Change is in the air for Golden Triangle Regional Airport
March 9, 2023
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  • Changes are coming to the landscape of the Golden Triangle with new manufacturing and the prospect of related industries building in western Lowndes County.

    Growth is contagious. That’s what the Executive Director Matt Dowell of the Golden Triangle Regional Airport is banking on.

    With the groundbreaking of a new, billion-dollar aluminum plant nearby, he sees his business taking off too.

    “We are excited to have them. We believe it’s going to add a lot more jobs to our community as well as passengers for our airport; so excited to see that development; it is the economic development that allows us to grow and make more passengers that we get to serve,” Dowell said.

    Some improvements are already in the works. GTRA is building a $12 million jet bridge, and a land deal will allow them to expand runway space.

    “For our future, that is correct, it allows us to secure land for a parallel runway which is the orientation you see at a lot of airports across the state; they are going to add a second runway normally, it’s going to be parallel to the existing,” Dowell said.

    These improvements add up to the ability to accommodate larger aircraft and more amenities for flyers.

    “There are going to be more options when it comes to seating. You have your basic economy, then you have your comfort, plus then you will have first-class options,” Dowell said.

    And for those reluctant to take to the skies.

    “I would encourage everyone to fly as much as possible because it is a great MODE OF transportation that allows for convenience as well as entry in and out of our community aviation always lessons learned, so we are always trying to improve it every day, ” Dowell said.

    Dowell says the GTRA is hoping to start the jet bridge project this summer.