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Sheltair Partners With Sea Turtle Rescue Charity 
February 3, 2023
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  • Sheltair has announced a partnership with sea turtle rescue charity Turtles Fly Too under which the FBO chain will offer fuel discounts for pilots engaged in turtle transport flights. 

    When the weather turns colder along the Eastern U.S., sea turtles swept north by the Gulf Stream become stranded on beaches as far north as Cape Cod in Massachusetts. As water temperatures drop, these creatures become “cold-stunned” and are unable to survive unless they are quickly collected by animal rescue agencies and taken to local aquariums. Those facilities can soon become overwhelmed and the turtles must then be swiftly transported to southern aquariums where they are rehabilitated and released back into the ocean. 

    Turtles Fly Too has been finding space for these creatures on private flights heading from the Northeast down south since 2014, and hundreds have been saved by volunteer “Turtle Flyers” who donate their time, aircraft, and fuel. While some individual Sheltair FBOs have waived fees in the past for such flights, the partnership formalizes the fuel discounts at all of its locations. 

    “We’re thrilled that our FBO network is positioned to provide services to best support Turtles Fly Too and its mission,” said Lisa Holland, president and CEO of Florida-based Sheltair. “It’s a sentiment shared by our aviation family at Sheltair to want to see our oceanic neighbors survive and thrive.”