Clara Bennett, executive director, Boca Raton Airport Authority NAPLES DAILY NEWS
Letters to the Editor – Business aviation essential
July 3, 2022
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  • Your recent guest opinion not only missed key facts about business aviation and smaller airports, but also mischaracterized the causes of delays in our aviation system.

    First, it is important to note that our system remains the largest, safest and most diverse in the world. The causes of delays are well documented, and they include air traffic controller and airline staffing challenges, scheduling and commercial aviation management issues, weather and evolving traffic conditions.

    Second, while it might be easy to cherry pick traffic patterns at particular airports to make a one-sided case against the value of business aviation, the truth is that the number of flights made by small airplanes in many places in Florida are only now returning to pre-pandemic levels.

    Finally, contrary to what your piece would have readers believe, general aviation has allowed companies and communities of all sizes to survive during the pandemic, supporting supply chains, helping transport goods and personnel and safely moving doctors, medical equipment, supplies and more to communities in need.

    Simply put, business aviation is essential, during and beyond the pandemic. It’s unfortunate your piece suggests otherwise.