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US Representatives Pass Advanced Air Mobility Bill
June 21, 2022
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  • Things are looking up. Here is another step in the right direction for the eVTOL industry that will help communities with the infrastructure needed to be ready for companies like Joby Aviation to have service in their area. 


    The US House of Representatives has passed the Advanced Aviation Infrastructure Modernization Act, which authorizes planning and construction grants supporting advanced air mobility (AAM)  

    The bill, introduced by Representatives Larsen, Graves and Titus, was approved by a bipartisan vote of 338 for and 73 against, and will now advance to the Senate for a further debate and vote.  

    The bill, if brought into law, would enable communities to create integrated plans for AAM operations in their area, and invest in the infrastructure needed to scale up future operations – including the construction of new take-off and landing ‘vertiports’ and other associated infrastructure.  

    Alliance for Aviation Across America, which welcomed the House’s approval of the bill, said in a statement: “A recent study found that the market for AAM in the US is estimated to reach US$115 billion annually by 2035 and is expected to benefit urban, suburban, and rural communities.”