Sulphur Springs Municipal Airpot Hosts Successful ‘Jet Blast’
June 1, 2022
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  • Last week, the Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport hosted the Jet Blast Event, which sees aircraft flyers from all over come participate in daring training exercises. The event saw participants come in as early as Wednesday, May 25 and lasted all the way to Sunday, May 29. 

    The Jet Blast Event is part of the Classic Jet Aircraft Association and is an important event for members. The event gives the members opportunities to hone in on their craft, as well as meet requirements involving recurrent training in formation flying and acrobatic flying at events. 

    The Jet Blast Event was also huge for the local economy, with participants staying in local hotels, as well as eating at local restaurants and shopping at local stores. With the event lasting the better part of a week, participants had plenty of opportunities to visit local businesses. 

    “We were happy with the turnout,” Sulphur Springs airport director Joey Baker said. Baker was recently named the Airport Manger of the Year award by the Texas Department of Transportation. According to TxDOT, the award reflects the contributions of Baker to improve, sustain, enhance and develop the Sulphur Springs Municipal Airport at above ordinary standards. 

    “We were also happy with the fuel sales,” Baker added. With eight participants in the event, there was a full schedule over the five days, keeping everybody busy. 

    “I think everyone enjoyed their time here and is looking forward to coming back in the future.”