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Airpower History Tour on display at Augusta Regional Airport
May 25, 2022
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  • It’s the largest, most technically advanced plane of its time. 

    Now you have the chance to check out the B-29 and other World War II-era planes. The show runs through May 28 at Bush Field. 

    Here’s a look at the Airpower History Tour, which kicks off Wednesday at the Augusta Regional Airport. 

    “We still fly them around the country to honor, educate and inspire,” said Steve Schapiro. 

    It’s been more than 75 years since these planes filled the wartime sky. Schapiro and the Commemorative Air Force work to keep them flying. 

    “We estimate it takes about 100 hours of labor and maintenance on the aircraft for every hour of flight time,” he said. 

    They tour these planes across the country, including two bombers. He says there are only a few planes like these that can still fly, but theirs can, including the B-29. 

    “It was a very advanced aircraft, the most technologically advanced aircraft of its day,” said Schapiro. 

    Inside the plane looks like it did during the war. Schapiro says it’s nice when veterans who flew something like this take a look inside. 

    “They look at the aircraft differently. They tell stories, little things you just can’t read in a book, and then we help pass that on to people who come out,” he said. 

    He thinks it’s cool to see people come out, look at the planes, and maybe even take a ride. 

    “It’s really like no other airplane you’re ever gonna fly in,” he said.