Letter to the Editor – Business Jets Don’t Deserve Blame for Florida Traffic: Ed Bolen
May 9, 2022
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  • To the Editor:  

    Re: Alan Levin and Mary Schlangenstein’s article “Florida Flight Delays Worsen Due to Private Jets, Rockets” (May 4) 

    Available data show we’re facing a rather unique, multifaceted challenge: a surge in flight activity across the board — from the airlines, the military and general aviation — that is well above pre-pandemic levels, and far ahead of previous recovery expectations. New entrants, including commercial space, and abnormally bad weather have introduced additional factors to the situation.   

    We have many tools in the toolbox to address this challenge. Refinements in staffing and flight procedures that de-conflict air traffic, along with improved routing and other measures, can be brought to bear to smooth operations and reduce delays in the area. In fact, the ongoing work being done to build out our Next Generation aviation system is accelerating our ability to pursue these and other solutions. 

    It was a serious error to report the meetings as a simple, schoolyard blame game. Yet, this kind of finger-pointing approach to your story offered exactly that unfortunate depiction, and left readers with an incomplete understanding of the current situation, and the effective efforts being undertaken by all parties to promote our nation’s leadership in aviation, and ensure that, going forward, it works for everyone who relies on it. 

    Ed Bolen 

    President and CEO, National Business Aviation Association