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Sioux Falls Regional Airport hosts job fair
May 4, 2022
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  • The Sioux Falls Regional Airport is trying a new approach when it comes to hiring employees. 

    The Sioux Falls Regional Airport is in the market for new employees. 

    “We have a lot of people starting to retire from us that have been here for 30+ years, so we’re really looking for some new faces, new people to come join our workforce,” Finance & Administration Manager Kristin Elgersma said. 

    “I love the people that I work with, you get to do a variety of things, no day is the same,” Elgersma said. 

    After exploring a number of avenues in the world of hiring, the folks at Joe Foss Field opted to host a job fair specifically for the airport authority. 

    “Looking for the airlines or food service or fueling or security, they all are separate companies, tenants here. We did a joint one last year, and this year we’re doing a little smaller just focused on our needs,” Executive Director Dan Letellier said. 

    Letellier is looking to hire at least five people to fill three positions in airfield and building maintenance. 

    “Snow removal in the wintertime. In the summertime we’re doing maintenance and rehab on all our surfaces, a lot of mowing, taking care of the airfield itself. We’re also looking for building maintenance and custodial to take care of the buildings. That’s minor repairs and maintenance,” Letellier said. 

    Letellier says the current job market makes hiring a challenge. 

    “We have had to kind of up our benefits, the starting pay, vacation, holidays, insurance,” Letellier said. “All of those tools that you see that are pretty common now we’ve had to adapt as well just to be competitive with the environment,” Letellier added. 

    Which could give the airport a wing up on the competition.