NMDOT Distributes $20 Million To Regional Airports Including $1.9 Million To Los Alamos
April 29, 2022
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  • The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) Aviation Division will award $20 million to 11 regional airport projects, including $1.9 million to Los Alamos, that will benefit existing facilities and create new infrastructure benefiting both commercial and general aviation, as well as local economies. 

    The airport projects will be supported through two funding sources. During the 2021 special legislative session, $10 million was allocated from the American Rescue Plan Appropriation (APRA) funds for statewide regional airports. 

    In addition, during the 2022 legislative session House Bill (HB) 2 awarded $5 million for essential air service for FY23-25 and another $5 million for regional airport projects. 

    The projects were drafted from existing Airport Capital Improvement Plans developed by New Mexico communities with airports. The NMDOT Aviation Division then scored the project proposals based on four criteria: safety, Federal Aviation Administration, priorities, development status and subjective need determination. 

    “I am confident in the Aviation Division’s staff knowledge of funding processes and their experience assisting airports in developing comprehensive capital improvement plans gives the department confidence the selected projects will have a positive impact on the states aviation system for both general and commercial aviation,” Transportation Secretary Mike Sandoval said. 

    The selected aviation projects subsidized with the $10 million ARPA funds include: 

    The remaining projects are funded through HB 2: