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Officials say funding for Reading Regional Airport could help local economy soar
April 26, 2022
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  • Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced $10 million for a dozen projects at airports, including $3 million for Reading Regional. 

    “We’re looking to basically expand the infrastructure, base infrastructure of the airport, and create a new ramp area for hangar development,” said Reading Regional Airport Executive Director Zackary Tempesco. 

    “Business folks come into the airport, so they want to kind of develop those areas right next to the airport,” Tempesco said. 

    Health care company Quest Diagnostics is in need of more hangar space at the airport. 

    “Obviously, Quest is looking to potentially expand its ‘The Coral Quest Project,’ as they’re calling it,” Tempesco said, “so it’s huge for us for maintenance in the area and jobs, and they want to make sure we keep that facility here in Pennsylvania.” 

    The area around the airport seems to be of particular interest. Officials say Penske is looking to expand, and Costco is considering building a store. Just beyond airport property, SunCap Property Group and its largest client, FedEx, are busy building a new distribution center that’s set to open by year’s end. 

    For those at the airport, investment and growth like this means big things for business in Berks. 

    “If you don’t have an airport to bring in aircraft for the business owners, than you don’t have the jobs that are good for the community and for Berks County,” Tempesco said. 

    He says the airport continues to see a consistent flow of corporate-related air traffic flying into Berks County. 

    “Bern Township in general is definitely primed for growth. There’s a ton of interest in the area,” Tempesco said. “These business parks that are kind of popping up around the airport is sort of normal throughout the country. You’re going to see businesses follow airports because there’s more access. 

    “Getting you packages faster and faster so we are very excited to see them moving so forward and using such local support to get it done,” said Jeremy Zaborowski, executive director of the Berks County Industrial Development Authority. 

    With investments being made, more companies are taking notice. 

    “We’re in a couple of hours of the majority of the U.S. population right here,” Zaborowski said. 

    For the Industrial Development Authority with their offices at the Berks County Services Center, this latest news about the airport and the area around it mean big things for Berks in the future. 

    “With the industrial market so hot right now there’s a lot of interest on all the sites,” Zaborowski said. 

    The area’s access for rapidly growing industries could also be good for creating jobs. 

    “Berks County is on the map with large companies right now,” Zaborowski said. “We are getting lots of action and lots of interest from large companies coming into the area to take and look at the opportunities.”