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Grassroots Org Supports Biden Fuel Push
April 16, 2022
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  • Use of Sustainable Fuel Upheld as Self-Sufficiency Measure, Ecological Good 

    The Alliance for Aviation Across America has excitedly picked up on the prospects of the Biden administration’s investment in further SAF development.  

    In remarks earlier this week, the president hinted at increasing support for sustainable fuel, reassuring the public that the industry’s greater goals to decarbonize over the coming decades are in accord with policy makers. The Alliance’s official remarks focus on incoming funding meant to boost homegrown, non-petroleum fuel production, increasingly seen as a politically palatable way to bring down the rising cost of fuel.  

    “We welcome President Biden’s ongoing commitment to investments in sustainable aviation fuel and technology, including the specific goal of making 3 billion gallons of SAF available per year by 2030. The aviation sector, including general aviation, has invested heavily in this area of growth, and federal support is now needed to bring these technologies to fruition and achieve the industry’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050,” their statement continued. 

    The Biden campaign alluded to the wholesale replacement of jet fuels by sustainable, biofuel-derived SAF last year, but only some mention has been made of possible government interventions being made beyond the current crop of investments and incentives. Currently, producers have warned that SAF remains much more costly than traditional Jet-A, and short of massive uptake and a phasing out of the traditional product will need some kind of subsidy or incentive to bridge the cost gap.   

    “These commitments will help to support jobs, spur economic growth, and invest in our infrastructure at a critical time for our country,” the Alliance said. They went on to mention the overall incentives that have been announced so far, totaling $4.3 billion for fuel projects and producers.