Playground for kids of all abilities now open at Pickens County Airport
April 13, 2022
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  • Just in time for spring and summer, a new playground opened at the Pickens County Airport and kids of all abilities are welcome to play

    The airplane-themed playground offers play components for children of all abilities, including the county’s first Brava Universal Swing that can operate with their arms, core, or legs.

    The Pickens County Airport Playground is located off of Highway 178 on Technology Place behind Cornell Dubilier.

    “I really think this is the beginning of something extraordinary out here,” said Vice Chairman of Pickens County Council Roy Costner. “The plans for the airport are for it to expand which is why the playground sits where it does sort of feels like we’re off in a strange (covered after this) location but the direction they’re going is there going to build a ramp on this side with some hangars on the side as we continue to grow at this airport. “

    We’re told there’s also a brand new ice cream shop that just opened called “The Scoop”.

    County leaders said the site will be graded soon and the park could be open in three to four months.

    It will be modeled after Greenville’s Downtown Airport Park, an air-themed park with a view of planes taking off and landing. Like the Greenville park, the Pickens County park would host school field trips as well as parents and kids year-round.

    The playground equipment for Pickens County will be in the shape of an airplane, two slides will be the wings along with a nose and a tail.