Pleasanton Municipal Airport receives $159K grant
March 23, 2022
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  • As part of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan, the Pleasanton Municipal Airport was chosen as the recipient of a $159,000 grant by Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) Friday morning.

    “Thanks to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, this new grant will deliver good-paying jobs for Texas while making sorely needed renovations to this airport,” said Congressman Cuellar. “The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has already proven to be a tremendous victory for Texans. I was proud to support this historic legislation in the House, and I will keep fighting to ensure every family can benefit from these investments as we rebuild and reimagine our local infrastructure.”

    Pleasanton Municipal Airport will receive a similar tranche of funding from the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law each year for the next five years, as part of a program for airport development. The tranche could vary from year to year, as the funding reflects annual enplanement totals. In addition to these guaranteed funds, these airfields can compete with other airports across the country for grants from an additional $5 billion nationally for terminal and landside improvements.

    “Congressman Henry Cuellar and his staff have been a continuous resource to the City of Pleasanton, especially when supporting the city’s goals of securing federal funding to support infrastructure, economic development and the city’s pandemic response,” Pleasanton City Manager Johnny Huizar said.

    According to Airport Manager John Roberts, the funds will be used to help construct a new fuel farm. The farm will consist of two 10,000-gallon tanks and a new JET A fuel tank.

    “The airport is growing,” Roberts said. “We are looking forward to expanding more. That’s what we’re hoping to do, is really grow, and it means a lot to be getting this kind of bonus.”

    Many first responders were in attendance, including the Pleasanton Police Department and Fire Department. Pleasanton Mayor Clinton J. Powell, as well as members of the Pleasanton City Council also attended the funding announcement.

    “I appreciate everything Cuellar has done for us and this is special for me cause I’ve been flying at this airport since the early 90s,” Mayor Powell said. “The reason that this place has an attraction is because you don’t have to go into a controlled air space and talk with ATC (air traffic control). You can just come down here and do training and fly. A bunch of different people use our airport as a training airport.”

    The municipal airport is eligible to receive the same grant each year for the next five years. With the brush fires that occurred in the past week, the airport was utilized by the Texas A&M Forest Service to combat the fire using aircraft. Roberts added that if they receive additional funds in the coming years, they plan to add more t-hangars.