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Eve Steps Up Miami UAM Plans, Nets 200-unit Order
March 16, 2022
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  • Embraer Eve today announced plans to prepare the way for urban air mobility (UAM) flights in the Miami area, as well as a provisional sales agreement for 200 of its four-passenger eVTOLs from Miami-based charter carrier Global Crossing Airlines (GlobalX). This latest order takes the number of commitments Eve has in hand to 1,758 units.

    Eve is forming a consortium of companies to develop a concept of operations for UAM services connecting Miami International Airport (KMIA) and the Miami Beach Convention Center. The consortium also includes air traffic management specialist L3 Harris Technologies, ground infrastructure provider Skyports, and the Community Air Mobility Initiative.

    Meanwhile, Part 121 certificate holder GlobalX is expected to contribute to these plans to launch commercial flights in South Florida and could also be involved in deploying Eve’s aircraft in other parts of its U.S. network. “These eVTOLs will enable us to expand our market throughout south Florida, bringing our customers to their flights at KMIA and KFLL [Fort Lauderdale], as well as local flying within Key West and all the Keys, Naples, and Palm Beach,”  said GlobalX chair and CEO Ed Wegel.

    In its blueprint document, Eve modeled the potential UAM market in the Miami area and concluded that it could consist of around 32 vertiports connecting eight routes and requiring 200 eVTOLs.