Sikorsky’s S-92 Helicopter Flies 1,500 Miles Using Sustainable Fuel, Arrives in Dallas
March 8, 2022
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  • Aircraft manufacturing company Sikorsky has been committed to the idea of becoming a more environmentally-responsible business for a while now. And switching to sustainable fuels is the right step in that direction. Its most popular and versatile helicopter, the S-92 recently flew at this year’s Hai Heli-Expo using a combination of biofuel and traditional jet fuel.

    Sikorski’s S-92 helicopter took a 1,500-mile (2,414 km) flight across the country to attend the expo in Dallas, fueled by the blend of SAF (sustainable aviation fuel). This achievement belongs not only to the Connecticut-based company but also to its two partners, GE Aviation (a jet engines and components provider) and Milestone Aviation (a helicopter leasing and financing company).

    Just like Sikorsky, GE Aviation is also committed to decarbonizing the aviation industry and boasts of having achieved the industry’s first commercial biofuel demonstration flight back in 2008 and the first 100 percent SAF commercial flight in 2018. On the other hand, for Milestone Aviation, this was the first SAF-powered flight.

    The S-92 helicopter is described by Sikorsky as the best-in-class aircraft in terms of reliability and safety. The first unit was delivered in 2007 for search and rescue applications. In 2016, it achieved one million flight hours. The S-92 is currently used by 25 countries around the world.

    Powered by CT7-8A engines produced by GE Aviation, the helicopter needs no modifications in order to use SAF blends. The aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 27,000 pounds (over 12,500 kg) and a capacity of 19 passengers.

    The S-92 has a variety of applications, from Head of State and airline missions to offshore oil transportation and more. It is known worldwide for its unmatched advantages and the use of biofuel is now one more attribute on that list, as stated by Jason Lambert, Sikorsky’s vice president of Global Commercial and Military Systems.

    Those who can attend the Hai Heli-Expo, which takes place between March 7 and 10 in Dallas, can see the S-92 in person. Sikorsky will showcase the chopper in booth #8209.