General Aviation & Rural America Go Hand-In-Hand
February 22, 2022
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  • We’ve heard a lot in the news in recent months about using ethanol in jet fuel. Aviation has another connection to rural America.

    The Alliance for Aviation Across America says the two go hand-in-hand. Aviation connects rural places to services, including medical care and disaster relief. The Executive Director says investing in general aviation infrastructure is critical for rural communities and agriculture as a whole.

    “Whether it’s transporting goods or overseeing crops or being able to transport particular types of tools or equipment, fighting fires or transporting patients or our food production, all of these services are so critical for rural communities, which often have some limited access, so it’s critically important that we support our infrastructure in all forms of aviation, including general aviation.”

    The Alliance for Aviation Across America works to recognize the importance of general aviation, for not only pilots, but also farms and rural businesses.