Niki Britton AOPA
FAA Launches Forty-Fourth Annual GA Survey
February 9, 2022
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  • The confidential survey is the only source of information on the GA fleet, the number of hours flown, and the ways people utilize GA aircraft.

    Data from the survey is used to calculate safety metrics like accident rates and the success of safety initiatives, as well as to understand the impact of the GA industry on jobs, economic output, and investments in aviation infrastructure. Answers collected from the survey will also be used to help policymakers determine funding for aviation service needs, assess the impact of regulatory changes, and more.

    To meet this goal, the FAA and the aviation industry need accurate data about a wide range of aircraft. The operators of more than 80,000 aircraft—or 30 percent of the aircraft population—are asked to participate in the survey.

    Past survey results may be viewed on the FAA website.

    AOPA encourages everyone who is invited by email or postcard to participate to take the survey, even if you did not fly your aircraft during 2021, sold your aircraft, or if the aircraft was damaged.

    For more information or to receive an abbreviated survey form for owners/operators of three or more aircraft, contact Tetra Tech toll-free at 800-826-1797 or via email.