How business travel is changing – the future of business flights
December 2, 2021
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  • The travel industry has undergone some momentous changes in the last few years. The coronavirus pandemic had a huge impact on global travel. Flights were grounded across the world, and business travel was put on hold. International conferences took place over video calls, and many people did not travel for over a year.

    The UK began to reopen earlier this year – but fewer businesses wanted to send employees abroad. The UK’s travel list restricted travel to countries around the world, such as Australia and the USA. The travel list has slowly started to relax so people can travel to more countries.

    As we move into the post-pandemic era, here are a few ways business travel is changing.

    Commercial airlines are struggling

    Commercial airlines are still struggling to reach pre-pandemic levels. Many airlines went bankrupt in 2020, such as LATAM, Virgin Australia, RavnAir, Trans States Airlines, etc.

    Commercial airlines are vulnerable to events outside of their control, like terrorism, political instability and natural disaster. In the last few decades, the commercial airline industry has experienced numerous exogenous events – and many have been catastrophic. Over time, the industry has built a bad reputation for long lines, cramped seating and poor service. Some passengers have started to question the safety of these airlines.

    Growth of the private industry

    As the commercial sector plummets, the private airline industry is on the rise. There is a much higher demand for private jets and exclusive business services. In fact, in July 2021 alone, private jet operators conducted a whopping 456,088 flights. Wealthier travellers want to fly in style on their own private jet. You can hire a private jet or buy one yourself.

    Increase in flight hours

    Private jet operator, Vista Global, saw an increase in 67% of global flight hours in 2021. Vista Global offers a premium flying experience for travellers across the world. Private air travel is all about luxury and comfort. Travellers want high-quality jets with better food choices, outstanding customer service and no baggage restrictions.

    Private jets have fewer passengers and fewer people handling your baggage. There’s no risk of your baggage getting lost along the way to your destination. Private travel is much more convenient for those travelling for business. You have full control over your schedule, and there’s no need to waste time queuing in the airport. You can hop on and off the plane without spending hours in the airport on either side.

    Private air travel is the future of the business industry. While private travel is far more expensive – business travellers will have a much more luxurious experience. You can work on the plane, go to your meeting and fly easy.