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Navasota Airport Adds Seven Hangars In Last Year, Plus New AWOS System
October 27, 2021
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  • Improvements keep being made at the Navasota Municipal Airport, and now they are starting to see the fruits of that labor.

    Jennifer Reyna from the Airport Advisory Committee gave an update at Monday’s City Council meeting, and said they just keep growing and adding new things.

    “There has been two T-hangars that were built, and that added 22,000 square feet of space. In addition to that, there will be five box hangars, to the north f them, built in 2021. That is seven hangars in one year. That is awesome,” said Reyna.

    And there’s a new addition that can help bring in more pilots, the addition of an Automated Surface/Weather Observing System, also known as AWOS.

    She says in the past, not having AWOS has deterred pilots from flying here.

    “What happened is when someone would try to fly to Navasota, they had to get weather from Brenham. Even though they are not far apart, the weather can be so different from Brenham to Navasota,” Reyna said.

    Reyna added that the total cost of that project is $200,000, but they only are required to come up with $50,000, thanks to a TXDOT grant.