Glendale airport keeps the area flying
October 15, 2021
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  • Glendale city officials say the municipal airport is a key economic driver in the municipality. Mayor Jerry Weiers, an experienced pilot, declared September General Aviation Appreciation Month and said aviation can help a community like Glendale.

    “I have been a licensed pilot for more than three decades and understand the overarching benefits this industry provides to our community, our state and our country,” Weiers said. “I would encourage everyone to learn more about general aviation employment and business opportunities.”

    The Glendale Municipal Airport, which is a 477-acre modern airport, is at the intersection of Glendale Avenue and Glen Harbor Boulevard and is just minutes driving time from the I-10. It is the airport that is serving as a catalyst to the development of western Glendale.

    “As the Yucca District adds new businesses and amenities, the Glendale Airport serves as a major economic driver,” Yucca District Councilmember Joyce Clark said. “Having a top-notch airport in the west Glendale is a key selling point for the city as both the sports and entertainment district and Glendale’s new frontier continues to grow.”

    The Alliance for Aviation, a trade group that supports general aviation interests, welcomed Weiers’ proclamation and said the city’s airport supports a lot of economic activity.

    According to the Alliance, general aviation airports generate $609 million in revenue for Arizona’s economy and support a variety of public agencies, like law enforcement, firefighting disaster relief and medical services.  

    “The Glendale Airport greatly appreciates the support it receives from the mayor, the city council and the citizens of Glendale,” Glendale Airport Administrator Carl Newman said. “The airport is a vital piece of infrastructure for the city today and will continue to play a part in Glendale’s economic development well into the future.”

    The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the general aviation industry hard. Aviation accounts for about 4% of global domestic product, and the sector has yet to fully recover.