Kerry Lynch AIN ONLINE
NBAA-BACE To Be Carbon Neutral
September 29, 2021
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  • NBAA-BACE is going carbon neutral under a partnership with aviation sustainability specialist 4Air. In a move that will make the October 12 to 14 convention one of the largest carbon-neutral aviation events globally, NBAA and 4AIR are funding a portfolio of carbon offset credits to mitigate travel to and from NBAA-BACE and greenhouse gas emissions of the event itself.

    Carbon credits purchased through 4Air are verified through international standards, including the American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve, Verified Carbon Standard, and the Gold Standard.

    While NBAA and 4Air are sponsoring the offset credits, NBAA-BACE attendees will have the opportunity to vote on the CO2-reducing projects that will be supported through the purchased carbon credits, including wind energy produced in Oklahoma, a forest management project in Massachusetts, and greenhouse gas emissions reduced in Florida during the production of automotive and aircraft manufacturing materials.

    “This is another demonstration of our industry’s effort to take meaningful steps to combat climate change, and it adds to what will be an exciting show that has many new elements and will highlight the latest innovations in business aviation,” said NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen

    Boston-based 4Air provides a range of private aviation sustainability solutions surrounding aircraft emissions counteraction, carbon markets, sustainable aviation fuels, new technologies, and other strategies, along with carbon neutrality.

    “Given that NBAA-BACE brings together leaders of the business aviation industry from around the world, offsetting the carbon generated by their travel to the conference as well as the conference itself is the perfect platform to demonstrate how attainable carbon and emissions neutrality can be for their own operations,” said 4Air president Kennedy Ricci.