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Business Aviation Factbook Showcases Industry Benefits
September 15, 2021
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  • Nearly 80 percent of business aviation flights are to airports in small communities, business aircraft make about 15,000 flights a year for humanitarian purposes, and the industry helps support more than one million jobs, according to the latest Business Aviation Factbook. NBAA, in partnership with the General Aviation Manufacturers Association, just released the 33-page updated factbook, which provides a look at the industry‚Äôs benefits to citizens, companies, and communities.

    Downloadable as a PDF and also available in print during NBAA-BACE next month in Las Vegas, the factbook is designed to serve as a resource for industry professionals and advocates and to help civic leaders educate the public about business aviation.

    It discusses what business aviation is and the jobs its supports, and also explains how the industry enhances productivity, serves as a lifeline for communities, and provides humanitarian support. In addition, it covers safety and security as well as emerging technologies ranging from advanced air mobility to supersonic and air traffic advancements.

    Regarding sustainability, the factbook reiterates that business aviation contributes only about 2 percent of all aviation emissions and 0.04 percent of global emissions. In addition, it notes that the industry has achieved a 40 percent reduction in carbon emissions over the past four decades.