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Senators Ossoff and Warnock secure $13.5 million for Georgia airports
August 26, 2021
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  • Washington, D.C. –– Today U.S. Senators Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock announced they have secured nearly $13.5 million in funding for airports across Georgia through the American Rescue Plan passed in March.

    The funding will provide COVID relief funds to support Georgia airport operations impacted by the pandemic, upgrades, and safety improvements.

    Sens. Ossoff and Warnock cast the decisive votes to pass the American Rescue Plan in March, securing vital economic relief for communities across Georgia.

    “Georgia’s airports employ tens of thousands and connect our state with the nation and the world. We’ve secured these relief funds to support airport operations and upgrades and to help Georgians travel safely,” said Sen. Ossoff.

    “I could not be more proud to secure these funds for Georgia’s airports, critical funding that will help encourage job growth and support local economies across our state,” said Sen. Reverend Warnock. “These investments will ensure our airports have the support they need to navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic while providing a reliable and safe source of transportation to the Georgians they serve.”

    Please find a breakdown of the funding below:

    Augusta Regional at Bush Field Airport: $1,316,251

    Received two grants for $99,693 and $1,216,558

    Funding to rehabilitate 41,500 square yards of the existing air carrier and general aviation apron pavements to maintain the structural integrity of the pavement and to minimize foreign object debris.

    Funding to conduct a new obstruction survey to identify obstructions to the existing runway approaches.

    Columbus Airport: $878,998

    Received two grants for $351,778 and $527,220

    Funding to rehabilitate 6,997 feet of Taxiway A pavement markings to enhance safe airfield operations.

    Funding to update an existing airport master plan study to reflect the future needs of the airport. This grant funds the first phase, which consists of updating the airport master plan narrative report and airport layout plan.

    Middle Georgia Regional Airport: $1,323,695

    Received two grants for $1,267,578 and $56,117

    Funding to extend Runway 5/23 to 7,100 feet to meet Federal Aviation Administration standards. This grant funds the design phase and the second phase, which consists of funding the FAA reimbursable agreement for relocation of the medium intensity approach light system.

    Southwest Georgia Regional Airport: $1,111,111

    Funding to construct a new 4,000 SF square foot terminal building to increase passenger throughput. This grant funds the second phase, which consists of mobilization and site preparation.

    GA State Block Grant Program, designated for Nonprimary Airports: $8,252,557, which includes:

    Barrow County Airport (WDR): $2,001,295

    Funding to rehabilitate and extend Taxiway A

    West Georgia Regional Airport (CTJ): $1,433,906

    Funding to rehabilitate Runway 17/35

    Perry-Houston County Airport (PXE): $1,827,151

    Funding to rehabilitate Runway 18/36

    Statesboro – Bulloch County Airport (TBR): $964,950

    Funding to rehabilitate the parallel taxiway

    Lagrange – Callaway Airport (LGC): $1,200,000

    Funding to acquire land in the Runway 13 approach — the final phase of land acquisition in the Runway 13 approach

    State of Georgia: $555,555