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Children co-pilot flights at Aviation Summer camp
July 15, 2021
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  • BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green – Warren County Regional Airport spent the day teaching kids the joy of all things flying.

    The airport in conjunction with the Aviation Museum of Kentucky is in the middle of their week-long Annual Aviation Summer camp.

    On Wednesday, 36 students spent the day learning aircraft instruments, engine and aircraft design, using aeronautical maps for navigation, flight planning, weather, NASA space, aviation careers, practicing take offs and landings with a flight simulator and most importantly, the students will actually assist in flying a real airplane with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor.

    This year, the Bowling Green – Warren County Regional Airport named the camp after Title Sponsors Jim and Jan Bohannon and Bob and Cara Pitchford. The airport says thanks to their donations, the camp is possible for these kids.

    Aviation Museum Camp Coordinator Bob Jones has always had a passion for the skies.

    “I literally have been flying my whole life. I took my first plane ride in this plane when I was 2-months-old,” said Jones, gesturing to the yellow plane behind him.

    He said watching kids’ reactions to their first takeoffs is priceless.

    “The usual reaction to the first flight is awe. I had one young man about 17-years-old who I took flying for the first time, and he started screaming. He was so happy.”

    Camper Caleb Hall said, “It’s like really awesome cause everything else looks really small. It’s like patches in a quilt whenever you see the fence lines with the shrubs overgrown and stuff.”

    Camper Zander Garrett said, “I think the stuff they can teach you is really cool. It’s all around just a really cool experience.”