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Skyports, Eve Step Up eVTOL UAM Vertiport Ops Plans
June 21, 2021
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  • Embraer’s Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions subsidiary and vertiport group Skyports today announced the expansion of their partnership to prepare the way for launching eVTOL air taxi operations in Asia and the Americas. The two companies will use Eve’s planned eVTOL and urban air traffic management software being developed by Embraer subsidiary Atech to integrate flight operations with vertiport networks.

    The collaboration builds on a working relationship Embraer and Skyports have had in place since early 2020, when the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer was at the early stages of developing plans for the urban air mobility (UAM) sector through its EmbraerX technology incubator. Embraer established Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions as a separate subsidiary in October and now it is in process of discussing a possible merger with special purpose acquisition company Zanite.

    UK-based Skyports will take part in a joint “market readiness exercise” with Eve’s team, as well as a “vehicle concept of operations” study in Brazil. The two companies are already doing similar work together with air traffic management service provider Airservices Australia.

    Skyports and Eve did not specify which cities they expect to be early adopters of UAM services in the Asia and Americas regions. However, an image released along with the news showed a mockup of a vertiport with Eve’s proposed aircraft in Dallas.

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