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Private Airline Company Introduces Electric Flights That Are 30 Percent Cheaper
May 31, 2021
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  • KinectAir has partnered with VoltAero to bring this plan to fruition and they plan to use VoltAero’s hybrid-electric plane called Cassio for the flights. The aircraft will be able to fly at 360 kph (223 mph) and will have a flight range of 1,300 km (800 miles). It will take off and land in distances of less than 1,800 feet (500 meters), according to KinectAir. That allows Cassio to use small, regional airport runways for the flights.

    There will be three versions of the aircraft available, with seats ranging from four to ten and the prices per seat will be 30 percent cheaper than with conventional flights.

    VoltAero will start developing the aircraft in late 2022 and KinectAir plans to introduce the Cassio plane for air travel in 2023.

    Meanwhile, KinectAir is also working on an app that will work like Uber and allow passengers to book their flights, opt for the version of the Cassio they want, choose between the available price ranges and trip options. They will also be able to choose between an all-electric aircraft or a mix of hybrid and electric.

    KinectAir wants to fill the gaps left by commercial carriers that lose interest in the regional market space. They’ll also offer passengers a more cost-saving alternative while giving them the chance to reduce their carbon footprint.

    VoltAero is an aviation startup based in France, founded by Jean Botti, who has previously worked with Airbus and General Motors. The Cassio aircraft is a short-distance air vehicle that comes in several configurations, from mild hybrid to all-electric. It is greener, quieter, and cheaper to operate than conventional aircraft. The company is now working on its Cassio 2 model, announced in 2015, which is an upgrade to the Cassio 1 aircraft. The three models available for it will be Cassio 330, which will be a four-seater, Cassio 480 (six seats), and Cassio 600 (ten-seat capacity).