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Demand spikes for recruiting employees as aviation industry recovers from pandemic
May 27, 2021
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  • There’s no doubt 2020 was a tough year for everyone. Uncertainty hit many industries, including the aviation recruiting industry.

    But things are turning around, say officials with the Aviation Search Group, a direct hire recruiting firm that places executives and technical professionals in the aviation industry.

    In fact, the Roanoke, Texas-based company is seeing such an increased demand for direct-hire recruiting services that it has expanded its own professional staff, adding several recruiting professionals early in 2021, according to company officials.

    Executive Director Gary Miner attributes the increase to companies seeking a unique vetting process during the aviation industry’s recovery.

    “In a candidate driven marketplace like this, companies find the right experience, but hire the wrong person, which is detrimentally expensive,” he said. “They are relying on our IQR vetting process to eliminate that problem, and search assignments are increasing.” IQR stands for Identification phase, Qualification phase, and Recommendation phase.

    A director of maintenance who used ASG’s direct-hire recruiting services not long ago noted: “Most recently, they have filled some very highly skilled positions for us with great success. They were able to fill these tough positions where we had little to no success. Their staff is dedicated to filling the positions, and very organized in their up-front planning in order to fully understand the type of individuals we were looking for.”