Newest Westosha Central High School aviators a “Trifecta of Perfecta”
April 26, 2021
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  • Friday April 16th was a cold, crisp calm morning as the sun rose over Burlington Municipal Airport. But the airport was not quiet. Three Westosha Central High School seniors — Laura Beinecke, Tyler Moats, and Magnus Schroeder — were already at the airport nervously preparing for their oral and flight exam.

    All three have been trying hard with master flight instructor Dan Lund for this day for many months. Their flying skills would be put to the test.

    Who is first? Laura stepped up to the plate. Oral check, pass with flying colors. She then taxied Eagles Nest plane 915EN to runway 29 for takeoff. She then disappeared into the blue skies leaving Tyler and Magnus behind to build up even more anxiety.

    About an hour later a faint call came over the handheld radio: “Burlington Traffic Experiment 915EN 10 miles to the West inbound for landing Two Niner.” Then a 5-mile call, then downwind, base, lastly finial.

    Tyler and Magnus waited and watched as they would be next. After performing soft and short field landings …. Done at last! Passed! One down two to go!

    Tyler was next with the same routine. Has Tyler finished his performance in the plane and taxied back to the hanger? The smile on his face told the story. Passed. Two down. Can we make it three for three?

    At this time the winds started to pick up. The test will be slightly more challenging for Magnus. An hour later, 915EN was spotted on downwind for 29. Same route. Soft and short field landings being judged by a growing crowd of local pilots and hanger owners who had learned about our attempt to complete three check rides in a single day. That grin on Magnus face also telegraphed his performance before the engine was powered down. We had done it! Three for three!

    Laura, Tyler and Magnus have become 8th, 9th, and 10th pilot respectfully to achieve this goal through the Central High School STEM Aviation Program, also known as the Eagles Nest Programs. Amazingly, the Wisconsin Eagles Nest Program has produced five female and five male pilots. Please join me in congratulating Laura, Tyler, and Magnus the newest Eagles Nest private pilots.