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Florida flight school offers carbon offsets for flight training
April 14, 2021
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  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida — Wayman Aviation Academy has introduced its Green Initiative, which officials say is the first Carbon Neutral flight training program.

    “Growing from our experiment with diesel-powered trainers, we will now offer the option for students to buy Carbon Offsets for their training,” company officials said in a prepared release. “Our Jet-A fueled Cessna 172s burn less fuel and emit less CO2 emissions than traditional avgas training airplanes.”

    “Global warming is happening and eventually we all have to adapt. We decided to recommit to and go in the right direction today, not tomorrow,” said Wayman Eddy Luy, vice president of the academy.=

    Students will have the option to offset their carbon output during their flight training. Emissions for the 250-Hour Professional Pilot Program is 16.88 metric tons, company officials noted.

    “With a $290 investment with our green partner, students can choose to fly carbon-neutral,” they said.

    The carbon offset program continues the company’s focus on the environment, according to company officials, who noted that their end goal is sustainability.

    “The school is working on several projects to reach that goal. A recycling program throughout the office and school will reduce waste. Maintenance has gone to drums of oil versus individually packaged quarts to reduce packaging waste,” they said. “These effort will make sure our daily operations are geared towards a greener future with all our staff, students and instructors.”