Study: Clarksville Regional Airport generates millions in economic impact
March 18, 2021
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  • Clarksville Regional Airport at Outlaw Field is increasingly becoming part of Tennessee’s significant aviation economy, a study released last month revealed.

    Through the Tennessee Aviation System Plan created by the state Department of Transportation (TDOT) Aeronautics Division, officials sought to determine how Tennessee’s 78 system airports support the economy.

    The study found that, Tennessee’s aviation network generated $40 billion in total economic impact and contributes to 11% of the state’s gross domestic product.

    The state is split into four regions and Clarksville Regional is in the highest-grossing impact area, TDOT Region 3, which is comprised of airport operations in the west central area of the state.

    TDOT Region 3 accounts for $18 billion in economic impact.

    Outlaw Field helped to boost the local economy by generating $30.7 million from on-airport activity, and $2.6 million in visitor spending impacts to result in a $33.3 million total economic impact.

    Clarksville Regional has created 182 jobs, the study found, plus $13 million in payroll and $20.7 million in value-added impact.

    “I appreciate TDOT aeronautics division for going out into the state to conduct this economic impact study which shows how the airport is vital to the Clarksville community and surrounding area,” said Clarksville Regional Airport Manager John Patterson, in prepared comments.

    “The Clarksville Regional Airport is committed to furthering its community engagement and to assisting the City of Clarksville as well as Montgomery County by continuing to support more economic growth in the area,” said Accounts and Marketing Manager of Clarksville Regional, Toni Chambers.