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Crystal River Airport In Need of Improvements, Expanding
March 4, 2021
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  • CRYSTAL RIVER, Fla. — The Crystal River Airport is a staple in the city and brings in millions of dollars to the economy, but it needs improvements.

    For decades, corporate and private jets have taken off and landed at the airport. 

    Citrus County Commissioner Holly Davis told Spectrum Bay News 9, “It’s estimated that by Florida Department of Transportation that Crystal River Airport brings in $5.37 million into the local economy.”

    To continue to help with the county’s economic growth, the airport needs expanding.

    “We have been wanting to move our East/West runway 927 to 5000 feet for a lot of years,” Davis said. “This runway extension will not actually allow larger aircraft to land or take off here per sé, it would allow the ones who are currently doing so have a much broader margin of safety which makes insurance companies more comfortable, makes owners more comfortable.”

    Right now, the runway measures 4557 feet in one direction and 4357 feet in the other. The FAA said the airport needs to show proof for the need to expand to 5000 feet.

    Davis said, “We sent a letter of resolution to the FAA asking for a waiver on the 500 operations and we are hoping that the FAA will see fit to extend our runway to 5001 feet usable in both directions.”

    She also mentioned that state leaders seem to be on board with the project and she’s optimistic they’ll get the funding to expand.

    Ninety percent of the approximate $7 million to fund this project will come from the FAA.