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New Company To Help Bizav Reach Environment Goals
January 28, 2021
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  • With sustainability and decarbonization a major topic in business aviation, 4AIR launched today to help aircraft operators and customers offset or directly reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide and other environmental pollutants. “Aviation directly represents 2 percent of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, but the true impact on climate is closer to 5 percent when considering all emissions and non-CO2 impacts,” said 4AIR COO Nancy Bsales.

    The company has established a four-tier rating system, claimed to be the first and only such measure on sustainability in private aviation, that is aligned with industrywide goals and is consistent with international standards. It ranges from Bronze, which allows users to commit to carbon-neutrality by offsetting their CO2 emissions through verified offset credits, through Silver for emissions neutrality, Gold for emissions reduction, and finally Platinum, which involves direct contributions to the non-profit Aviation Climate Fund based on the participant’s carbon footprint.

    At the end of the year, 4AIR will evaluate and verify those accomplishments, with those who achieve or exceed their commitments eligible to renew or increase their rating for the following year. “The keystones of 4AIR’s framework are progressive steps, transparent accomplishments, industrywide collaboration, and global acceptance and recognition,” said Bsales. “Through a proprietary framework with ambitious goals, rigorous evaluation, and full accountability, 4AIR’s process not only has effectiveness, but also credibility with industry players.”

    Although it is backed by Directional Aviation and its family of companies, 4AIR will operate as a stand-alone company to ensure that all organizations participating in the program have complete confidentiality, exclusive access to their information, and equal competitive standing.