Leslie Acosta WEAR-TV
Liver from Pensacola Heads to Birmingham for Life Saving Organ Transplant
November 21, 2019
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  • WEAR — A plane carried a special delivery today.

    A liver from a donor in Pensacola was onboard.

    Aero Air Charters is a private charter company in Pensacola.

    They play a critical role in organ transplants, by getting the organs where they need to go.

    A pilot from Aero says he got a phone call at 6:30 Wednesday morning and he was in the air less than four hours later.

    He picked up a team from Birmingham to bring them back to Baptist Hospital.

    The team harvested a liver from a donor and will take it to the recipient.

    “This is not common for us to come back to Pensacola to procure an organ, but wherever the donor happens to be is where we end up going to, so it doesn’t have to be any particular city, but we just got lucky to come back to our home base here”, Aero Air Charter Pilot, John Jenista says.

    The pilot says after he delivers this donation, he’ll pick up a second one while he’s in Birmingham and bring it to Louisiana for a patient there.