Study Reveals Airport Contributes $280 Million to Economy
February 4, 2019
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  • A 16-page study released by the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s Division of Aviation found Pitt-Greenville Airport has $280 million in economic output, generates 1,650 jobs, $8.8 million in state and local taxes and $59.6 million in personal income.

    Eric Clark, chairman of the Pitt-Greenville Airport Authority, said he was elated by the news but not surprised.

    “We can feel proud of the real economic effects that come from the Pitt-Greenville Airport,” Clark said “Every year we carry 91,000 passengers who are visiting, conducting business and taking vacations. Not only do we provide a service, but as this study showed, PGV has a tremendous role in the economic health of our community.”

    While the economic impact is significant for a small regional airport, the study found that PGV ranks last when compared to the state’s nine other commercial airports when it comes to economic output, job creation, personal income, and state and local tax revenue.

    In addition to its 10 commercial airports, North Carolina has 62 general aviation airports.  All 72 airports contribute an estimated $52 billion to the state’s economy along with 307,000 jobs that generate $12.6 billion in personal income and $2.2 billion in state and local tax revenue.

    The report examined N.C.’s 10 commercial service airports including PGV, as well as the state’s additional 62 general aviation airports, which included nearby Tarboro-Edgecombe, Rocky Mount-Wilson, Martin County and the Kinston Regional Jetport.

    The study showed a dramatic increase from $31 billion in economic output from 2016 — due to economic growth, a new method of calculating jobs at commercial service airports and the impact of business travelers to those airports.

    With 1,000 acres, two runways and all-jet service, PGV has five flights serving up to 200 people daily. In the past two years, investments of $19 million brought expansions to the terminal, along with necessary improvements, upgrades, and repairs.

    The longest runway at PGV can accommodate aircraft as large as the Boeing 757, and its general aviation service includes about 70 private aircraft.

    As PGV continues to evolve, Clark said that Greenville’s airport is critical when it comes to economic development and job creation.

    “Every community needs jobs. That’s what drives everything,” he said. “PGV remains a critical asset to the community and local economy. We have a good number of industries that make significant use of our airport and we employ a good number of people to keep the airport running.

    “We invest a lot of money to keep it running and it’s absolutely critical, particularly if your community wants to grow its business and industry,” Clark said.

    To see the full report, visit www.ncdot.gov.