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Major Improvements Coming to Southwest Georgia Regional Airport
November 13, 2018
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  • New upgrades are coming soon to the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport.

    On Tuesday, Albany City Commissioners voted on and approved a new parking system for airport travelers.

    City commissioners also discussed, but did not vote upon, adding a brand new boarding bridge for passengers.

    The bridge would be an added improvement that would keep commuters dry during inclement weather.

    According to Transportation Director David Hamilton, the airport currently uses a portable ramp.

    What the city is working on now is building a permanent bridge that will lead directly in to the terminal.

    The $1.6 million project will be paid for using fees collected from passengers who fly into the airport.

    Hamilton says it’s all about making improvements and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

    “People fly in and out of Albany all the time so they have to come in inclement weather,” said Hamilton. “If it’s raining, then there’s a chance of getting wet and having to rush to a meeting.”

    The vote for the bridge upgrade is planned for the next commission meeting on November 27.

    A $139,000 upgrade to the parking system was approved at Tuesday’s meeting, with a Canadian company selected for the contract.

    The fully automated system will include ticket machines with payment machines near the exits.

    Parking Boxx Corp. Vice President Brad Henkel says the software will be more effective, efficient, and user friendly.

    “We can make that experience a little better. It’s a better experience for the airport, looks better for the airport as well as obviously income goes up for the parking,” said Henkel.

    The software is expected to take six weeks to install.