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Airports Use Aviation Month to Promote Benefits of the Aviation Industry
October 1, 2018
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  • The aviation industry provides nearly 22 billion dollars annually to Michigan’s economy, and that’s not the only way it benefits the state.

    Aviation officials said there are more than 230 public airports in Michigan, 69 licensed flight schools, and six aircraft manufacturers; and it doesn’t stop there.

    Gary Csapos is the airport manager at Owosso Community Airport.

    “There are approximately 6,570 registered aircraft, and over 13-thousand licensed pilots in the state of Michigan. The aviation industry sustains over 183-thousand jobs and a payroll of over seven billion.”

    Csapos said the aviation industry used September… Michigan Aviation Month… to promote the benefits of aviation. He said aside from the economic benefits, aviation can save lives and improve quality of life for entire communities.