Locals Step Back in Time in Hagerstown and Fly Historic Air Crafts
June 17, 2018
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  • HAGERSTOWN, Md. – Locals got a chance to step back in time in Hagerstown and fly historic air crafts, with some even from World War II at the Rider Jet Center for Father’s Day.

    Families came out to the Hagerstown Regional Airport to learn about local aviation history as well as climb aboard for an airplane ride.

    Those planes included the Fairchild C-82, C-119 Flying Boxcars and PT-26 WWII trainer aircraft . The event has taken place for nearly four years.

    Museum staff said planes were built in Hagerstown from 1916 to 1984 and played a major role in the community.

    “We get a lot of families that come through.They’re telling their kids, grandma, grandpa helped build these planes during WWII so they’re sort of a family history. Heritage here locally,” said John Seburn, President of the Hagerstown Aviation Museum.

    It is estimated that over 10,000 different airplanes were built during that time in Hagerstown.