Lowcountry Regional Airport Lands Aviation Service Business
April 25, 2018
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  • A service provider for privately owned and corporate aircraft plans to create 36 jobs in Colleton County.

    The S.C. Commerce Department announced that Lowcountry Aviation Co. is investing $1.7 million to ramp up operations at Lowcountry Regional Airport in Walterboro.

    The company will provide Federal Aviation Administration-regulated charter services, repair work, engineering, fleet management, storage and fuel.

    An affiliate, Sky Arrow Aircraft Co., will perform production of small aircraft and provide technical support for the lightweight composite planes.

    The S.C. Coordinating Council for Economic Development has approved tax credits that Low Country Aviation can claim if it meets hiring goals. The county has received a $1.075 million grant to offset infrastructure improvement expenses associated with the company’s investment.

    Marco Cavazzoni, a former Boeing Co. executive who is now with Lowcountry Aviation, said in a written statement that the company is kicking off “the initial phase” of its business strategy.