Jennifer Weaver KUTV
Herbert Declares April ‘General Aviation Appreciation Month’
April 6, 2018
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  • (KUTV) — Gov. Gary R. Herbert has declared April via a proclamation, “General Aviation Appreciation Month.”

    The Alliance for Aviation Across America reports that general aviation supports more than $2.2 billion to Utah’s economy annually.

    “General aviation serves an important role in maintaining our public safety, supporting our businesses and connecting communities with the resources they need, especially in the most rural parts of the state,” said Selena Shilad, executive director of the Alliance for Aviation Across America, in a press release. “We thank Governor Herbert for issuing this proclamation and recognizing the importance of general aviation.”

    President and CEO Mark Kimberling of that National Association of State Aviation Officials also stated, “Local airports and general aviation are a critical part of the state’s infrastructure and provide a myriad of crucial services for communities. Local airports support agriculture, businesses, and hospitals across the state. We thank Governor Herbert and Jared Esselman, Director of the Aeronautical Operations Division of the Utah Department of Transportation, for supporting general aviation and community airports throughout Utah.”

    The proclamation reads in part:

    “General aviation not only supports Utah’s economy, it improves overall quality of life by supporting emergency medical and healthcare services, law enforcement, firefighting and disaster relief, and by transporting business travelers to their destinations quickly and safely.”