Increased Flight Delays as Travelers Fly Home After Thanksgiving
November 26, 2017
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  • Eugene airport experiences several delays as travelers try to get back home after thanksgiving holiday.

    EUGENE, Ore. – Travel experts expect this year’s post-Thanksgiving travel to be the busiest in more than a decade.

    Some travelers are trying to get back to school, others are trying to get back to work, and many are ready to head home.

    At the Eugene Airport, travelers experienced all kinds of delays on Sunday.

    Linda Hesketh was waiting at the Eugene Airport to make sure her daughter made her flight. She said her daughters has school in Minneapolis and that her flight had been delayed because of air traffic. Hesketh said she was worried her daughter’s delay would make her miss her connecting flight.

    “She’s pretty nervous; she needs to get back to class. She has finals coming up and tests this week,” she said.

    Hesketh’s daughter was not the only one. Amelia Gordon Byers was headed to Florida for work, but delays changed her plans. Her flight delay caused her to miss her connecting flight, so she decided to go home and fly out of the Eugene Airport on Monday.

    “It’s inconvenient because I’m not going to get where I had planned to get,” Gordon-Byers said. “But I fly enough that I just don’t get stressed out about it.”

    A family traveling to San Fransisco said their flight was delayed because of fog for seven hours.

    Experts recommend arriving to the airport earlier than usual during holiday travel season.