Letter of Thanks | Young Eagles Fly Successful
November 13, 2017
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  • Another great turn out at the Young Eagles Fly in at the Kingman Airport hanger on flight line drive this past Saturday, Oct. 28, put on by the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Chapter 765.

    Twenty four of our members,including five pilots flying their own airplanes, flight line safety people, instructors, detailing aircraft explanations of what makes an airplane fly, ground school, escorts, registration personnel, and certificate issuers.

    It was a grand slam for our chapter again. We flew 76 kids on Saturday, bringing our total for the past few years to 1,362 kids flown, now that’s worth mentioning. Here’s hoping some of these kids will become pilots in the near future.

    The EAA limits the ages of the kids to 8 through 17-years-old, they are issued a certificate and a log book after they come back down from their “free” ride. If you try to remove the first-time-up in a small airplane “grin” on these kids faces, well, good luck, it’s not removable. Several of the kids would tell their parents they wanted to go up again, and they didn’t want to go home so soon. Is that cool or what? This folks is what general aviation is all about. Become a pilot! It is a great way of growing up and being a respected individual with extraordinary skills and talents.

    This effort was also helped and doable by our local sponsors, Kiwanis Club members, Airzona Aircraft Maintenance, Mohave State Bank Kingman, Kingman Transportation Service, Sutherland Law Office, Nelson Insurance, Golden Valley Auto Parts, and The Laughlin Bullhead City Airport Director Jeremy Keeting, for their generous contributions and in assisting with helping general aviation in putting these efforts in such a terrific accomplishment. Thank you so much for helping this become a reality. “Unlike” Kingman Airport Authority.

    Kudos are also in order for Dave Amspoker, EAA chapter 765 coordinator for all his efforts.

    Thank You.

    Henry Gutierrez