Students Learn About Flight Control Careers
November 12, 2017
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  • Tammy Will’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) students traveled Oct.19 to Tulsa Community College for a hands-on tour of their Aviation Center.

    Assistant Professor Austin Walden spoke with the class about forces of flight, parts of the plane and how pilots learn to fly.  He also took them to the Flight Control Class where they observed how students become Air Traffic Controllers.

    Morrison students listened to information about a career as an Air Traffic Controller.  At the end of the tour, they had the chance to man a plane in TCC’s flight simulator.

    STEM pupils Perry Bowling and Trevor Hughes were enthusiastic about their experience. They got to see displays and older and newer planes. They got to see how the controllers control the planes when they take off and land.

    Libby Theobald liked seeing the parts of the plane. “We learned that Air Traffic Controllers make a lot of money,” she reported. “The guide said girls were better fliers than boys!”

    Trey Snowden was fascinated with the simulated plane landing.

    The flight simulator with all the controls seemed to make the greatest impression on the students. They also enjoyed exploring the planes that were in the shop.

    TCC offers several options for further educational experiences, including an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)-approved pilot training school. An Associate of Applied Science degree is available, which includes courses in ground school, flight labs, along with the required general education course.

    The Aircraft Dispatch Certificate program is designed for students who wish to become a licensed FAA Aircraft Dispatcher. The program prepares students to test for the FAA Aircraft Dispatch Certificate.

    Another possibility is the Associate in Applied Science Degree in Air Traffic Control. The program includes training in the application of tower and terminal radar approach control procedures.